Pawnit Manager

Because we are cloud based you can login from anywhere at anytime, and manage your staff, your shops and all your financial reporting through Pawnit Manager.

Features on Pawnit Manager.

The dashboard will show Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Sales, Purchases, Loans, Redemptions
and Refunds with & Chart showing the percentages of your loans, Buys, sales etc.
This will also show you which stores are performing at their best and which stores are not. It will also show you your total loans, your total active loans, total overdues and any Police holds.

Staff Permissions
You can instigate limits on what your staff can do, i.e. like loan or buy limits, limits on refunds or Discounts and Layby’s & Many More.

Stock Enquiry
You will be able to search up stock items from Pawnit Manager as well as Pawnit Retail which will show you details of the items.

Daily Figures
You can look at daily figures for your store or multiple stores that you are running, it will also the income and outgoings of the store(s), you can also see till balances for your store(s) and how payments were made i.e cash, eftpos or by other means.

There are multiple reports that you are able to look at and print to see how your staff are performing, or making sure your stores are reaching targets and turning a profit,
there are many other reports that will help you during your time with us.
Reports that you will be able to see: Site Reports, Staff Reports, Stock Reports, Loan Reports, Buy Reports, Purchase Report, Sales Report, Cashflow Reports.

Many more options that will help you and your business

Pawnit Manager

Helping your business every step of the way

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