Second-Hand Dealers & Retail

Features Second-hand Dealers & Retail will get:

Adding new, editing & merge existing customers
Keep all relevant customer information in the one location. There is no need for separate customer databases. Customers are shared between all of your sites for instant use. You can benefit from the use of the customer rating system and alerts. You can even store mobile phone numbers and email addresses and keep a photo of the customer on file. You can also edit the customers details when ever you like.

Retail Sales
Make the most out of the integrated POS functionality. Process retail sales with ease, simply scan the barcode on a stock item label with a connected barcode scanner, apply a discount, enter the tendered information including support for multiple split payment methods and print a receipt on supported POS docket printers. If you have a cash drawer connected, it can be set to open automatically.

Police Files
We automatically process and submit your police file to the police nightly depending on your state or territory or country. For those in which automated police files are not yet available, the police file facility can generate these files quickly and simply for supply to your local police force.

Keep your finger on the palse of your business with our Pawnit Manager
Every good business needs good reporting. There is a pleather of reports available. Reports are split between store level and organisational level. These reports include but are not limited to Store Performance, Staff Performance, Loans, Buys, Retail Sales, GST and etc. Most reports can be saved in PDF format to a PC.

Manage your inventory stock with pricing, barcodes and stocktakes.
Pricing of your stock could not be any easier. With a dedicated function for this purpose it is easy to stay on top of all your pricing. Pricing can be filtered between, Loans, Buys and by origin or stock number. Labels can be automatically generated at time of pricing. Labels are available for both general and jewellery items.Stocktaking could not be any easier. Create 1 stocktake or create many. Stocktake on your terms in your own time. Once finished with your stocktake simply process and generate the results. Stocktaking provides you with 2 ending reports outlining stock that is missing as well as stock that may no longer be in the system but is still present.

Staff Management
Manage what your staff can access within the system with staff access and group permissions. For multiple stores you can choose where the staff member can login and cannot. Give your managers the store administration code to override various permissions on a case by case basis, like providing a discount on redemption. There are also various reports available to show staff performance.

Data Security
Nothing is more important than the security of your data. Our servers are protected by various strong level usernames and passwords as well as both software and hardware firewalls. Data is transferred to and from the servers over secured connections. PC's will need to be registered on the network and can just as easily be removed once no longer needed or in a rare case of theft.

And many more features that will help you and your business

Ideal Plan

The ideal plan for Secondhand Dealers & Retail is Buy & Sell.

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