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Our platform is the industry leader in Software-as-a-Service to Pawnbrokers & Secondhand Dealers across Australia. Designed from the ground up to take full advantage of todays technology.

Pawnit Systems was established by our CEO after identifying a gap in the market for a modern stable solution that was user friendly whilst working as a Pawnbroker himself. At the time all that was avaliable was traditional outdated software that relied on local servers & based on old databases and technology.

Over the last decade Pawnit Systems has grown in leaps and bounds to become Australia's most used and loved Pawnbrokers & Secondhand Dealers platform than any other.

With a steady hold on both the Australian and New Zealand markets Pawnit Systems is now exploring a move into the United Kingdom and South African market respectively in the coming years

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Pawnit Systems aquires Avro's Cashminder & Retailminder software.... Read more

Our History

Our Team

Our Heroes

Montys Pawnbrokers

Shael Dawson

07 3252 4988

9 Yrs on the Pawnit Platform.


Simon Akie

03 9706 9911

8 Yrs on the Pawnit Platform.

Cash Stop

Juilo Gomez

1300 762 261

8 Yrs on the Pawnit Platform.

Kings Cash Exchange

Sara Wilkinson

07 4922 2274

8 Yrs on the Pawnit Platform.

Dollar Dealers

Matthew Oldaker

03 9553 6566

8 Yrs on the Pawnit Platform.

Loan Lenders

Leanne Conuybear

07 5531 1422

7 Yrs on the Pawnit Platform.

Cash & Go Lenders

Cheryle Amad

03 9742 5651

7 Yrs on the Pawnit Platform.

Just Pawn it

Jason Scumarker

03 9746 7854

7 Yrs on the Pawnit Platform.

Mega Cash

Gus McNeilage

02 9673 0485

7 Yrs on the Pawnit Platform.

Cash A Way

Vince Mecari

02 9677 2755

7 Yrs on the Pawnit Platform.

Pawnbrokers World

Edward Vabolis

08 8362 0922

7 Yrs on the Pawnit Platform.


Hayden Dyer

02 4323 7618

7 Yrs on the Pawnit Platform.

Hippopotamus Pawnbrokers

Bourke Denny

07 5498 3800

7 Yrs on the Pawnit Platform.

Johns Buys & Loans

John Gyoles

02 6040 4044

6 Yrs on the Pawnit Platform.

Our Departments

Pawnit Systems

Sales & Marketing

Our sales & marketing department is staffed by passionate and knowledgeable representatives who will listen to your feedback in order to find the perfect software fit for your business.

P: 1800 729 648   Option 1
E: sales@au.pawnitsystems.com

Pawnit Systems

Support & Development

Data Age’s commitment to our customers does not end with the purchase of Data Age products. When you contact Data Age, you can count on reaching an attentive representative who will approach your issue with patience, knowledge, professionalism, and best of all, you’ll never be overwhelmed with complicated techno-jargon.

P: 1800 729 648   Option 2
E: support@au.pawnitsystems.com

Pawnit Systems

Accounts & Administration

At Data Age, we understand what it takes to keep a business stable and profitable. We approach business with a “treat them like family” mentality. Our executives are as approachable as they are experienced. Each department works closely together to ensure cohesive results, both internally and externally.

P: 1800 729 648   Option 3
E: accounts@au.pawnitsystems.com

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