Frequently Asked Questions

Our Platform is as simple as can be, with videos and helpful support staff, Our Platform couldn't be anymore easier. Our customers love the ease-of-use that our platform offers
Yes, Some features maybe add and some may not, Depending on if our customers would use that feature, but could be added at a later date.
Yes, Pawnit Systems offers training for you and your staff, We have unlimited access to online training videos & a very helpful support team that will be there every step of the way with you while you use our platform.
Yes, our platform has a admin cloud that allows you to see how your store(s) just by printing of a report, the cloud also has many other Reports that will help you with your business like Staff Report, Retail Sales Report & many more.
We know that the security of your data is important to you. We have invested in Business Class technologies and have partnered with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. Our Software stores your data at one of the most secure data storage facility in Australia.
Yes, most modern hardware is compatible with the our platform system. If you have some old hardware, dont worry, we can sort you out with a newer alternative.
Yes, our platform is Cloud based so as long as you have internet and software on your computer, you will be able to login and do everything you need to do.
No, you can have as many as you want connected to our platform, that doesnt change the price you pay.
No, our platform doesn't work on Apple Computers.
We dont like to see any of our customers go. If you're not 100% happy and you would like to leave then we will be happy to return your data to you apon payment of the data extraction fee. is where your customers can go on & scan the QR Code on the loan ticket and pay online without needing to come into the Store.

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