Switching to our platform

With data migration, we can import all your exisiting pawnshop software data from all your locations into one easy to manage system. Data migration is simple and painless with only 4 simple steps. With us, you can be switched over and ready to go the very next day. There is no need to be without a fully functioning system during your normal trading hours, This means no loss of business and minial operational impact on you.

Close at end of day
Making sure no transaction goes missing during this data transfer.

Upload data to Pawnit Systems
Contacting our team, to arrange for us to get your data.

Data import takes place
Transfering the data over to our platform overnight so you dont loose time during trading hours.

Open the very next day.
Open your doors and carry on buisness as normal but on a better system. Its that quick and that easy.

Data Migration

has never been easier with Pawnit Systems

What data we can migrate to our platform

We have successfully imported databases from various other pawnshop software packages. Here are some of the packages we regularly import.

Cashminder and Retailminder Systems

Flyware Pawnshop
Flyware Pawnshop Data

CashNET and PosWiz Systems

Cash Converters
CC Win System

Data age

Your current system not listed? Dont worry, we can still help to migrate your data. It might just take us a little longer than usual.

Whats next and how can I move forward?

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