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Pawnit provides Software-as-a-service to Pawnbrokers and Secondhand Dealers across both sites of the Tasman, designed to take full advantage of today’s technology.

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We have a wonderful team of staff behind us to provide you with the best products and customer service in the industry.



Times do change, and we have made it our mission to never let you fall behind. We will continue to push the limits.



With over 50 years’ combined experience in the industry, our staff make sure that we offer the best services possible every single day.

Pawnit POS

Introducing Pawnit POS software, your ultimate solution for seamless day-to-day operations. Whether you’re managing stock, processing buys or loans, or maintaining customer records, Pawnit POS streamlines your workflow with intuitive tools tailored to the pawnbroking industry.

Buys & Loans

The ultimate tool for managing buys and loans with unmatched ease. Enter new items effortlessly and seamlessly select previously lent items for re-pledging. Predictive text simplifies data entry, ensuring accuracy and efficiency at every transaction. Add extra notes to personalize each interaction, while automatically printing contract dockets and labels streamlines paperwork.

Retail Sales

A comprehensive solution for seamless sales, laybys, and refunds. Designed for efficiency, our software simplifies every transaction, whether you’re processing sales, setting up laybys, or managing refunds with ease. Barcode-based stock management ensures accurate stock tracking, while professional receipts are automatically printed, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Loan Management

Easily record storage bays or locations for items, ensuring efficient retrieval and organization. Stay on top of overdue loans with automated lists and streamlined processing, maintaining compliance and customer relations. Send reminder SMS messages directly from the system to keep customers informed and engaged, enhancing communication and reducing defaults.

Stock Management

Utilise smart search capabilities to locate items quickly, easily check stock levels across multiple store locations with the stock enquiry feature. Price items accurately and print professional labels directly from the system, enhancing presentation and customer experience. Seamless store transfers and manage repairs effortlessly, simplify stocktaking with integrated tools that improve accuracy and efficiency.


Manage loan and layby payments effortlessly. Whether it’s making part payments (including interest) or full redemptions, our intuitive interface simplifies the process. The quick pay screen allows you to swiftly select multiple loans for payment, enhancing efficiency during busy periods. Choose from various payment methods, ensuring flexibility and convenience for your customers.


Track customer interactions effortlessly with detailed statistics, transaction listings, and comprehensive history at your fingertips. Capture customer images and store comments for a more personalised experience. Simplify data integrity with the ability to merge duplicate customer profiles seamlessly. Generate professional customer statements with ease, keeping your clients informed and satisfied.

Pawnit Manager

Introducing Pawnit Manager, your comprehensive web-based portal for efficient pawnshop management. Access store performance reports, monitor staff activities with the staff manager feature, and gain insights with detailed financial reporting—all from one centralised platform.


The dashboard provides real-time insights into store performance, offering a clear view of today, this week, and this year’s financial metrics and deal quantities. Monitor individual store and company-wide performance with detailed dollar amounts and transaction volumes. Make data-driven decisions effortlessly and optimize your pawnshop’s operational efficiency.

Staff Management

Allowing you to effortlessly create and manage staff details such as addresses and employment dates. Customize permissions with multiple permission groups, tailoring access levels to specific roles within your organisation. Assign staff to specific store locations and grant extended access to the Pawnit Manager portal as needed.

Gold Sales

Designed for seamless bulk batch transactions with gold merchants or smelters. Bundle gold into individual carts, price each carat accordingly, and effortlessly process sales. Generate professional proforma and tax invoices that transparently outline the cost and sale price of each purity, ensuring clarity and compliance. Simplify your gold sales operations and maximize efficiency.

Support Helpdesk

Introducing a streamlined Helpdesk Ticket system, empowering users to create and manage support tickets effortlessly. Enhance transparency and communication between your team and ours, ensuring prompt resolution of any issues or inquiries. Track the status of tickets in real-time, and maintain a clear record of all interactions. 


Delivering comprehensive insights at your fingertips. Access a wide array of reports covering loans & buys, sales, stock levels, store performance, and staff productivity. View these reports conveniently onscreen and download them in PDF, CSV, or Excel formats for further analysis and sharing. Your essential tool for  efficiency and maximizing profitability in your pawnshop


Your one-stop destination for all hardware and consumable needs. Browse a comprehensive selection of products, conveniently track current and previous orders, and enjoy seamless payment options via credit card. Upon purchase, effortlessly download your tax invoice directly from the platform, ensuring hassle-free accounting.

Pawnit Mobile

Introducing the Pawnit Mobile App, your essential companion for streamlined pawnshop operations on the go. Access the stock query feature to access stock details instantly, facilitating efficient stock management. Simplify stocktaking and transfers with intuitive tools that ensure accuracy and timeliness.


Online Payment Platform

Introducing MyPawn, our online payments portal designed to enhance convenience and accessibility for your customers. With MyPawn, clients can effortlessly view the status of their pawn transactions and make payments securely, anytime, anywhere – ensuring unparalleled convenience at their fingertips.

Online Payment Platform

Pawnit Mobile is an app that you will be able to download on your Apple or Android Phone.

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Hardwares & Consumables

Our system doesn’t require a huge amount of equipment to keep your store running which saves you money in upfront costs and maintenance.You may re-use your own existing hardware or purchase new recommended hardware.

Zebra Label Printer (Ethernet, USB)


Epson Receipt Printer (Ethernet)


Epson Receipt Printer (USB)


Cash Till


Zebra Barcode Scanner (Wired)


Zebra Barcode Scanner (Bluetooth)


General Labels



Jewellery Labels


Printer Rolls




Kind words from our Customers

We understand what is important to your business and it is our priority to provide comprehensive support in every way possible.





We have been using the Pawnit platform for over a year now and that year has been the easiest in 25 years of trade. Going from an outdated and complicated system to one that is so user friendly took away a huge amount of stress for both the staff and owners. The constant updates and evolution of the product just keeps improving the experience. Highly recommended for anyone looking to simplify and improve their operation.

Hayden Dyer


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