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Designed from the ground up to take full advantage of todays technology.

Pawnit Systems was established by our CEO after identifying a gap in the market for a modern stable solution that was user friendly whilst working as a Pawnbroker himself. At the time all that was avaliable was traditional outdated software that relied on local servers & based on old databases and technology.

Over the last decade Pawnit Systems has grown in leaps and bounds to become Australia’s most used and loved Pawnbrokers & Secondhand Dealers platform than any other.

With a steady hold on both the Australian and New Zealand markets Pawnit Systems is now exploring a move into the United Kingdom and South African market respectively in the coming years

Our Progress



In 2009 the companies founders (a former pawnbroker and a IT specialist) put their heads together to come up with what will be Australia's most comprehensive Pawnbroker & Secondhand Dealers software package. Initially called "Pawnit" the current name wasn't introduced until later on.


Majority of 2010 was spent researching and developing the software. Many meeting were held, a lot of considerations were taken and many descsions were made. By the end of that year we were very close to a final product.

Pawnit365 had finally been incorporated.


Final development and testing of the initial release of Pawnit took place in 2011. In december the system was signed off on and is ready for commercial release.


Pawnit gets its first customer. After not too long, its full steam ahead.


Pawnit System joins the 365 Technology Group as the primary software service provider; As a result, Pawnit is rebranded to Pawnit365.


Pawnit365 get a slight makeover, mypawn.com.au is launched as a 24/7 online portal and the new Pawnit365 website is launched.


mypawn.com.au allows online payments towards loans to be received.


Pawnit Systems365 leaves the 365 Technology Group of companies and rebrands to just Pawnit Systems.


Pawnit Systems is now the largest supplier of Pawnbrokers software after its aquisition of Avro Computers in February.

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